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| December 12, 2019

Are you a non-parent or community member who would like to continue to receive news from the Mohonasen schools?

Now that we have transitioned from School News Notifier (SNN) to SchoolMessenger, we want to continue to share news from our schools with you. If you do not currently have children in Mohonasen Central School District, you will need to register for School Messenger to continue to receive messages from the school district.

School Messenger Community Member Sign-up Process

You can create an account by clicking on the School Messenger link on this website:

Once there, follow these steps:

  1. Select the link that says “First Time User? Sign-Up Now.” Fill in the form to create an account.
  2. You will receive an email with instructions and a link to activate the account.
  3. Once you have activated your account, you will be brought to a screen with the heading “Notification Preferences.”
  4. To receive texts, click “Add More” under your e-mail address in the “Contact Area.” Select “SMS text” and enter the number of your phone that is equipped to receive text messages. The system will guide you through the steps, including making a confirmation phone call.
    Note: As part of step #4, you can also choose to receive phone calls that are sent out by the district. Phone calls will be infrequent. Snow day alerts will go out via text and email only.
  5. Once you have completed this phone call, click “Done.” You will be brought to a screen that displays your contact and notification preferences.
  6. Hold on to your username and password in a secure manner so that you can log back into the system in case you need to change your notifications or contact information at any time.