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Instill a love of reading

As we prepare for a wonderful  new year of learning here at Bradt School, we are excited to let you know that we have updated our 1,000 Book Club!  The 1,000 Book Club is an amazing lending library of picture books for young children that is here to help you instill a love of reading in your child. This convenient library, located in our main hallway,  is also a wonderful resource for you to use in order to get those 20 minutes of reading in every night!

Here’s how the self-serve program works:

If you are a new or returning member:

  1. Fill out a blank registration form in the “new registration” binder at Bradt Primary School cafeteria, located at 2719 Hamburg Street in Rotterdam.
  2. Place card in the binder that is labeled by letter – according to your child’s last name.
  3. Select a bag of books between the hours of 8:45 a.m.-2:30 p.m. daily. In order to accommodate many families, please only sign-out one bag of books at a time. Please be sure to return the books no later than 1 week from sign-out. For example, if you sign-out on a Monday, please return the books by the following Monday. Your child may also return and sign out with assistance from our First New York Banking parent volunteers on Fridays.

Returning Bags:

  1. Place bags in numerical order on the bag stands. Each pocket hold two or three bags of books.
  2. Select and sign out your new bag!
  • You can track the number of books you have read on an individual chart for your child. This chart will  be displayed on our 1,000 Book Club bulletin board. For every 10 books read, your child will receive a sticker for their chart.

As a self-serve program, parents are expected to:

  • Keep track of which tote bags you’ve borrowed by checking off the numbers (1-100) on the back of your child’s registration form (kept in the sign-out area in the main hallway).
  • Please return bags within a one-week period.
  • Parents should add a sticker on the chart once for every 10 books are read.
  • We will send home overdue notices, on bags that have not been returned.
  • We will recognize students who complete a sticker card with a small prize at the main office. Please ask your child to check with their teacher to pick up a prize.
  • We will also recognize students and invite families to attend morning program once a student has reach the halfway mark and then completed the program. We have morning programs in October, December, February, and April.

Thank you in advance for following the process above so our 1,000 Book Club runs smoothly!

If you have any questions, please contact Principal Leslie Smith, at 518.356.8401.

Additional reading resources

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