main content starts hereBradt Arrival/Dismissal Procedures

Student Drop-Off – 8:10 a.m.

If you are driving your child in the morning, please follow the Howell/Miller entrance into Bradt, and please be sure to display your car tag with your pick-up number on the rear view mirror. Parents signing students in after arrival are asked to park in the visitor parking lot at the back of the school and part with their children in the main lobby. School faculty and staff are available to escort children to their classrooms as needed.


Students will board the buses at 2 p.m. For the safety of each student, any changes in a student’s usual transportation must be indicated in a note to the main office.

Dismissal Before 2 p.m.

To pick up your child during the school day, please send a note to the classroom teacher to let him or her know when to have the child ready. Stop in the main office and sign the child out in the Student Log. The staff will contact the classroom and have the child come to the main office. Please be prepared with a picture ID as we try to know our parents but are not familiar with all adults picking up children.

Dismissal at 2 p.m.

Unless we receive written instruction from a parent, all students will be sent home on the school bus.

Pick-Up With A Note
  1. If your child is being picked up, please send a YELLOW “Note to School” to the classroom teacher indicating who will be picking up the student.
  2. Students being picked up at dismissal will be called at 1:40 to report to the main office.
  3. If you find it necessary to change your child’s dismissal plan and haven’t sent in a note, please call the main office at 518-356-8400 to make arrangements prior to arriving.
Emergency Dismissals

A variety of reasons could make it necessary to dismiss school early. Loss of power and/or water, a hazardous condition in the area, and inclement weather are examples of such situations. Unplanned early dismissals are announced by the media. When possible, our automated phone-calling system and automated email notifier system for those who have subscribed to this free service, School News Notifier, will be activated.

To sign up for School News Notifier (SNN), click on the SNN link on the bottom right-hand side of the district homepage.

If the phone numbers on the emergency contact sheet you filled out change, please update those numbers through your child’s teacher. We know you fill out and return many forms at the beginning of the year, and we appreciate your prompt response. Please remember to notify us of any change in emergency, home, or work numbers throughout the year.

It is critical that we have accurate information in order to reach you quickly in the event of an emergency.

While every attempt will be made to activate the automated phone calling and email systems, in the event of an unplanned early dismissal, there may be times when that is not possible (jammed phone circuits, loss of phone service, insufficient time). Please make sure your child knows what to do if he/she arrives home unexpectedly and you are not there.

You can access emergency school closing/delay information from the Mohonasen district website or via the district Facebook page.