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| June 3, 2016

The Box Tops for Education program continues to help raise money for Pinewood and Bradt schools with the outstanding contributions from district families and friends.  Since the program never ends, please keep saving your box tops and attach to the submission sheets that come home via backpack mail.

A drawing was held recently at Pinewood and Bradt Schools to select winners for our Box Tops contest.  Each winner received a selection of Box Tops goodies.

BoxTopsBradtThe winners from Bradt are:

  • Chloe Insero, Grade 1, Mrs. Hurst
  • Meleana Rivenburgh, Grade 1, Mrs. Varano
  • Isabella Murphy, Grade 1, Mrs. Taylor
  • Logan Rourke, Grade 1, Mrs. Masick
  • Parker  Pulenskey, Grade 2, Mrs. Halvorsen

BoxTopsPinewoodThe winners from Pinewood are:

  • Caitlyn Holden, Grade 3, Ms. Landell
  • Ricky Recheizer, Grade 3, Mrs. Brem
  • Amiyah Christmas, Grade 3, Ms. Landell
  • Antonio Servidone-Curtis, Grade 4, Mrs. Howard
  • Ryan Huba, Grade 5, Mrs. Wheeler

Another drawing will be held before the end of the school year. The goal for this year was to raise $5,000 through Box Tops, but the schools exceeded that goal and earned $5,578.50!

Pinewood ranks #6 out of 253 schools in the Capital Region, #22 out of 4,675 schools in New York state and #575 out of 95,393 schools in the United States.

To see what products participate in this program, please visit  Any money collected is spent on supplies and equipment that benefit our students.

More fundraising news

Hannaford Helps Schools awarded Pinewood School with a check for $177 that can be put toward the purchase of equipment at our school.  Thanks to Hannaford for supporting the school!

Price Chopper’s Tools for Schools program finished on March 26.  Our final tally of 214,366 points allowed Pinewood to receive some games and equipment that can be used during recess, in addition to an instructional table, easel and indoor American flag with a stand.

If you have not yet registered your Advantage card, please do so at:  You can also send your 10-digit AdvantEdge Card number to Mrs. Kline at Pinewood (  Points accrue that can be redeemed for school supplies.  To date, we have 469 AdvantEdge cards registered for this program.  Friends and family members who do not have children in other schools can register their AdvantEdge cards with Pinewood.

Other fundraising programs:

Target Take Charge of Education program.   Target has chosen to end their school support program.  Pinewood received its final donation from Target in the amount of $221.  If you use a Target Red Card, money from each purchase will be distributed to communities in a different manner.

Campbell’s Labels for Education program is ending as of Aug. 1, 2016.  If you have any Campbell’s labels at home, please send them in to school as soon as possible.  There is a limited time to redeem Labels for Education before the program is completely terminated.

If you have any questions about any of these fundraising programs, please contact Mrs. Poutre at Bradt School or Mrs. Kline at Pinewood School.