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| November 19, 2022
The Mohonasen School Board would like to correct inaccurate information and rumors that are being shared on social media following the Thursday, November 17 announcement from the New York State Education Department (SED) about Native American mascots, logos, and names in school districts.

There are a number of posts or rumors indicating that the Board has made decisions about the future of our District name and logo. These posts and rumors are inaccurate.

The School Board and the District have not made any announcements other than the one from Superintendent Shine that was shared on Friday, November 18th. No decisions have been made by the School Board on this issue. As was shared in the announcement on Friday, we are awaiting further details from SED. We cannot, and will not, make any decisions until we fully understand the impact of their directive; nor would we do so without listening carefully to all stakeholders: students, families, alumni, faculty, staff, and Mohonasen community members.

Please read the full announcement from Superintendent Shine here:
We know this is an issue of great importance to the community, and we appreciate the feedback we have received and continue to receive.

On behalf of the Mohonasen Board of Education,
Wade Abbott
Board President