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Mohonasen fields a wide range of interscholastic sports teams for students each season. Students are eligible to play four consecutive years of athletics in high school starting with the date of entry into ninth grade.

Exceptional athletes in grades seven and eight may try out for a high school team — by invitation from the varsity coach — but they will need to pass a fairly rigorous athletic test of ability in order to qualify to play at the high school level. The modified teams for football, wrestling, soccer, baseball. Swimming and basketball are limited to students in grades 7-8.

Before a student is permitted to participate on an athletic team, both the student and his/her parent or guardian are required to sign an athletic code of conduct form. This indicates they will respect and abide by the district’s standards of behavior for school athletes which are spelled out on that form. Read about Mohonasen’s selective classification policy.

  • Cheerleading — Varsity, JV
  • Cross Country (Boys’ & Girls’) — Varsity, JV, Frosh
  • Golf — Varsity, JV
  • Football — Varsity, JV, Modified
  • Soccer (Boys’) — Varsity, JV, Modified
  • Soccer (Girls’) — Varsity, JV, Modified
  • Swimming (Girls’) — Varsity only
  • Tennis (Girls’) — JV
  • Volleyball (Boys’) — Varsity, JV
  • Volleyball (Girls’) — Varsity, JV, Modified
  • Cheerleading — Varsity, JV, Frosh
  • Basketball (Boys’) — Varsity, JV, Frosh, Mod.
  • Basketball (Girls’) — Varsity, JV, Frosh, Mod.
  • Bowling (Boys’) — Varsity
  • Bowling (Girls’) — Varsity
  • Ice Hockey (Mohonasen & Schalmont) — Varsity
  • Swimming — Modified (coed); Varsity (Boys’ only)
  • Winter Track (Boys’ & Girls’) — Varsity, JV, Frosh
  • Wrestling — Varsity, JV, Modified
  • Baseball (Boys’) — Varsity, JV, Freshman, Modified
  • Softball (Girls’) — Varsity, JV, Modified
  • Track & Field (Boys’ and Girls’) — Varsity, JV
  • Tennis (Boys’) — Varsity Only