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Can anyone try out for a team?

All students are welcome to try out for a sport and many teams have no “cuts.” In skills-intensive sports it is very difficult for a player with little or no experience to make a team. However, all students are still welcome to try out.

How can I find out when tryouts are being held or when a team starts practice?

Tryouts and/or practices start around the same time each year for most teams. In general, fall teams begin practice mid-August, winter teams begin early November and spring sports begin early March. Within each sport, varsity teams often begin practicing a week or two earlier than their JV and modified counterparts.

Announcements about tryouts are made in school and coaches hold preseason meetings to go over important information with prospective players.

Parents can find out about tryouts by visiting the athletics page on the Web at Parents are also encouraged to call the office of the Athletic Director at (518) 356-8270 for more information.

What are the rules about sports physicals? When do I need one? How do I get one?

To play on a team, or even practice, students must — by law — have a sports physical on file with the school nurse. The physical must be dated within the past calendar year of the current sport season.

The physical can be performed by a student’s family doctor, but Mohonasen’s Health Physical Form for Grades 6-12 must be filled out.

Prior to each sports season, students also have the option of having a free sports physical performed by the school physician. Students will be given advanced notice throughout the year of the physical dates.

Students must obtain and complete a Sports Packet (provided by coaches prior to each sports season).

Note: In order for all students to participate on a school sports team, a Sports Health Update Form must be filled out, signed by a parent and turned in to the school nurse. This form can also be obtained from the school nurse or at

If you’re on a team, does that mean you get equal playing time…or for that matter, ANY playing time?

Rules about playing time vary from coach to coach, team to team and sport to sport.

In sports like track, for example, all students participate in at least one event at every meet. However, not every athlete travels to every special meet or invitational and students don’t get to choose the events they want to participate in.

At the modified level – where the emphasis is on developing ability – most coaches will try to play every student for at least some portion of each game. As students progress up the competitive ladder to varsity level teams, the emphasis is more and more on winning. No team member is guaranteed playing time.

Where can I get a copy of game schedules?

Mohonasen’s Athletic Office provides copies of season schedules to coaches who in turn give them to students to take home. Athletic schedules are also posted online here which allows parents, or anyone in our community, to receive game change notification for teams of their choice.

When in doubt, ask the coach or call the Athletic Office at (518) 356-8270.

Where can I get directions to away games?

Directions to high schools that Mohonasen competes against are printed in the Athletic Handbook that parents need to sign each season. Coaches also have directions to away games.

It’s important to confirm directions with the coach because games aren’t always played on the high school campus in every district.

As a PARENT of a Mohonasen athlete, what’s my recommended role?

Attend games, both home and away whenever possible. Be your son or daughter’s biggest fan. Remember that all the research on why kids play sports indicates that most play for the sheer enjoyment of the game. Don’t put unnecessary pressure on your child to start, to star or to win a scholarship. Support them no matter what their role on the team may be. Model good sportsmanship at all games, both home and away, and keep the focus positive. Please cheer, but don’t jeer.

Support the decisions of the coach. If you have questions or concerns, please speak directly to the coach – not about the coach with your child.

When are students eligible for an athletic letter?

Students are eligible to receive a varsity letter when they successfully complete a season on a varsity team. After that, students may receive a varsity pin as well as other awards.

How are intramural programs advertised? Who can take part?

High school intramurals are offered on a regular basis throughout the school year during 10th period. Offerings vary from month to month. Activities are publicized in physical education classes, on the morning announcements and via school bulletin boards. All students are encouraged to attend as their interest and schedules allow.

Who should I contact if I have other questions?

If you have any other questions about Mohonasen’s athletic program, contact the Athletic Director at (518) 356-8270.