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The Mohonasen Central School district Participates in a NYSPHSAA approved program that provides the opportunity for 7th and 8th graders to participate in Varsity, Junior Varsity and Freshman level sports teams.

The purpose of the Athletic Placement Process (APP) is to determine the level of physical fitness of your son or daughter when compared to older athletes that will be competing in high school programs. This program is designed for the exceptional few who would be served by playing on a higher level teamthan age and grade might indicate. It is not intended to fill out rosters at the high school level.

Parents and guardians should be cautioned that even though an athlete may be physically ready does not mean that he or she may be socially and emotionally ready to handle the normal stress of this level of competition. We must make sure it is the right fit for both the athlete and the team. All information must be collected and evaluated by the district’s Athletic Director before any APP athlete may try out for a team.

Included below is the process that Mohonasen will use when recommending an athlete for APP:

  • Prior to consideration by the Athletic Director the head coach at the Varsity level of the sport you wish to APP test in must hand in a letter of recommendation to the high school athletic office.
  • Parent Permission and any other paperwork needed will be mailed home only to athletes who are recommended by a varsity coach. The completed paperwork should be brought to the test giver/nurse on the day of the test.
  • A date is given for all APP athletes to receive a brief medical exam/consultation with the our school physician. Each athlete must meet the Tanner requirements for their recommended level for the process to continue. If an athlete does not meet the required Tanner score, the process stops and he/she will be able to participate at the modified level.
  • A physical education teacher in the district will be selected to administer the required fitness testing to all recommended APP athletes. The athlete must meet or exceed the the criteria established to compete at his/her recommended level of play. If the athlete cannot meet these standard, the process stops and he/she will be able to participate at the modified level.
  • The athletic office will inform all athletes and parents/guardians of test results.
  • If an athlete passes the APP test, they are able to try out for their recommended sport/level.

NOTE: Passing the APP test does not guarantee any athlete a spot on any team at any level. Athletes are still required to try out and will be held to the same standards as all other athletes trying out for that team/level.