main content starts hereAdditional staff positions address projected enrollment increases, students’ needs

| April 25, 2017

Since 2015, Mohonasen Central School District has been able to add positions back into the budget that meet the needs of students. The proposed 2017-18 budget includes the addition of 13.5 full-time equivalent (FTE) employees, including:

2.0 FTE K-6 Teachers: Two teacher positions are included to address projected enrollment increases at the K-6 levels. Enrollment will be monitored to determine whether these additions are necessary.

2.0 FTE Special Education Teachers: The district has had an influx of students who require special education services, particularly at the lower grade levels. One teacher would be assigned to Bradt to better meet student needs and provide more individualized instruction for K-2 special education students. A second teacher would be assigned to develop a program at Draper Middle School in order to provide a continuum of services for K-12 students with behavioral needs.

3.0 FTE Teacher Assistants: Two of these positions would be assigned to Draper to support the behavioral program; the third would provide educational support to sixth-grade students transitioning into Draper.

1.0 FTE Technology Teacher: This position would help address an increase in enrollment in technology classes at the high school and the Center for Advanced Technology at Mohonasen and allow the district to implement its new mechatronics program.

1.0 FTE AIS Math Teacher: This position is allocated in the budget pending a review of the K-8 math program to determine what needs exist.

0.5 FTE Speech Teacher: A half-time speech teacher will help address an increased need for mandated services at the elementary level.

1.0 FTE Music Teacher: This position would reduce lesson sizes for music students in grades K-12. It would decrease the frequency and number of teachers required to travel within the district and would address the increase in elementary enrollment.

1.0 FTE Library/Media Specialist: This is a reinstatement of a position that was cut during the district’s challenging financial period. While librarians are not required by state mandate at the elementary level, the district believes that having a full-time librarian at Bradt will reinforce the importance of reading skills at the early grades and provide additional reading support and enhancement. (Currently, a full-time library/media specialist splits time between Pinewood and Bradt.)

1.0 FTE Cleaner: This position would provide daytime coverage at the Center for Advanced Technology – which does not currently exist – and would provide additional cleaning and maintenance help to cover square footage added at the high school during classroom expansion under the capital project.

1.0 FTE Health Office Assistant: This addition enables the district to provide a five-hour-per-day assistant at both Bradt and Pinewood, rather than the current split position. The elementary schools have seen an increased demand for health services due to enrollment increases and students who have more severe health needs. Also, an hour of time each day would be added to the secondary health office assistant’s schedule to enable more coverage at Draper and the high school.