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The medicine and health program is oriented toward students who are interested in careers in health, nutrition, physical education, and sports science.

Course Offerings

Foundations of Sports Medicine

Foundations of Sports Medicine is a one-semester course. The course will cover the introduction to college level exercise science, kinesiology, and anatomy & physiology. This class is intended for juniors & seniors who are interested in athletic training, physical therapy, and the treatment of injuries. Functional movement, nutrition, and rehabilitation will be explored within the context of sports performance. The class is meant to cultivate interest in the field of health sciences.

Credit: .5
Grades: 11,12
Prerequisite: Health with at least 85 average and Living Environment with at least 80 average
Final: Exam/Project

Dimensions of Fitness and Sport

This advanced physical education course is designed to introduce students to the latest trends and career pathways in the sports and fitness worlds.  This course will focus on health-related fitness and lifelong sports units and activities.  Many different career pathways in these fields will be explored.  Health-related fitness units will involve exercise activities that are done in order to try to improve physical health and improve longevity.  Activities will be focused on improving cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength and endurance, flexibility and body composition. In addition to these units students will perform various group fitness activities. Upon conclusion of these units students will be able to design and implement a personalized workout plan. Students will also participate in various lifetime sports and activities. During these units students will be able to develop a higher understanding of each sport and focus on strategies and game play, teaching cues, tournament setup and execution, and facilities management.  Students will be graded on a high standard of daily participation, keeping an accurate notebook, quarterly quizzes, and projects.

Credit: .5
Grades: 11,12
Prerequisite: Health
Final: Determined by Instructor
Satisfies the PE requirement for the year (full year course)