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This program is designed for students interested in pursuing careers related to video production, music production, video editing, communications, journalism, broadcasting, theater arts, film, scriptwriting, acting, graphic design and a variety of other careers. It gives students practical, hands-on opportunities to learn about the equipment and processes related to the careers above as well as involvement in a variety of projects that benefit the Mohonasen School Community.

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Media Arts and Live Production

Students will engage in a creative workshop where they will be guided through the creative process from inception to completion in varied aspects of media arts. Each student will be asked to explore the creative process and utilize their creativity to create short movies, documentaries, news clips, music videos and varied other genres. They will review and critique different forms of modern media, including, but not limited to, newspapers, magazines, websites, blogs, social media, television, advertising and marketing, radio and public relations. Students will also be exposed to the technical elements relating to media writing, digital photography, digital video, digital music and the editing and production process. Students will learn the art of storytelling from the story idea, through interviewing, researching and the creation of digital media projects. They will practice basic interviewing skills and explore ethical concerns of journalists in our society. Students will also explore issues relating to privacy, consumerism, artistic/creative expression and media ownership through their own creative works.
Credit: 1.0
Grades: 10,11,12
Students may take course a second time for credit with instructor approval.

Independent Study – Media Arts

Senior students who have continued to show an interest in the field and a high level of motivation and responsibility are eligible for a senior independent study in any Media Arts production course. Students taking part in these classes either complete projects on an individual basis or with a group of other media arts students. Students are required to apply for and propose their project/internship plan. These projects/internships are overseen by the appropriate Media Arts instructors
Credit: 1.0
Grades: 12
Prerequisite: Instructor Recommendation