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The goal of health and physical education courses is to encourage students to be physically active and expand their understanding of personal habits and their importance in promoting short- and long-term physical health. In addition to class instruction, an extensive intramural program is offered to students.

Physical Education Grading

All students will be graded using a rubric in physical education class. Each day is worth 5 points. Students are graded on participation/dress, effort, punctuality, and attitude. If all of these expectations are met for that day, 5 points will be awarded. It is possible to receive anywhere from 0-5 points per day. Students must dress appropriately for PE and participate actively and to the best of their ability for the entire class in order to receive full credit.

Students who are absent from school will lose 5 points for that day. Students who are absent from PE class for both excused (attending a school field trip, scheduled music lessons, scheduled guidance or other counselor meeting, state and local exams) and unexcused (class cut) reasons will also lose credit (5 points) for that day. If a student does not change or participate in class, they will also lose 5 points for that day. Students will be allowed to make-up and receive full credit for all excused absences and “0’s.” Class cuts are cannot be made up for class credit. PE make-ups may be done in two ways:

  • Intramurals: Attending intramurals Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday when offered during 10th period. The schedule is posted every Monday and will change weekly.
  • PE Class with your teacher: Students must get an ORANGE pre-signed pass from their actual PE teacher to attend class with their teacher during lunch or study hall for make-up credit.

Course Offerings

Physical Education 9-12

Credit: 0.25/semester
Grades: 9,10,11,12
Final: None

Currently, students in PE classes have the option to choose which type of activities they would like to participate in.  We separate these activities into groups, and offer 3 different options each period.

Team Sports

Team Sports consists of highly competitive team sports, like football, soccer and basketball.  They utilize the sport education model, where every student has their own role/responsibility (coach, captain, fitness instructor, scorekeeper, official, etc.).  At the beginning of each unit, they draft new teams, come up with team names and designate who will perform each role.  Next, they spend a few classes developing skills and strategies for gameplay as a team.  The remainder of the unit consists of tournament play that leads to a championship game to designate the winning team of that particular sport unit.

Individual Sports and Fitness

The Individual Sports and Fitness group is less competitive for the most part.  It includes individual sports such as badminton, tennis and modified volleyball.  It also focuses on improving fitness levels while participating in various fitness-related activities such as yoga, pilates, dance, etc.

Strength and Conditioning

The Strength and Conditioning group will take place in the weight room and focus on improving muscular strength and endurance, agility, speed and power.  These students will learn various weight lifting and strength training techniques.  They will also focus on sport-specific exercises necessary to improve performance on the athletic field/court.


Health education is the process of providing learning experiences for the purpose of influencing knowledge, attitudes, and conduct relating to individual, community, and world health. The course also helps instruct students how to maintain or improve their health and be able to secure abundant vigor and vitality that are the foundations for the greatest possible happiness and service in personal, family, and community life.
Credit: 0.5
Grades: 10,11,12
Prerequisite: None
Final: Test/Project