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| April 24, 2019

The following is the Bradt ABC Countdown to Summer

  • May 15: A, Animal. Bring a small stuffed animal to school.
  • May 16: B, Book Day. Bring a favorite book to read.
  • May 17: C, Colorful Day. Wear your favorite color.
  • May 20: D, Disco Dance Day. We will boogie to the beat all day (Cafeteria activity.)
  • May 21: E, Estimation Day. Get ready for an estimation activity.
  • May 22-May 27: No School
  • May 28: F, Fruit Day. Bring your favorite fruit(s) for lunch.
  • May 29: G, Game Day. Get ready to play a fun game (Cafeteria activity.)
  • May 30: H, Hat Day. Wear a hat to school.
  • May 31: I, Inside Out Day. Wear your clothes inside out.
  • June 3: J, Joke Day. Be ready to tell an appropriate joke.
  • June 4: K, Kindness Day. Be kind all day long.
  • June 5: L, Lego Day. What can we build with Legos? (Cafeteria activity.)
  • June 6: M, Mo Williams Books Math Games (Cafeteria activity.)
  • June 7: N, New Name Day. Go by a different name all day.
  • June 10: O, Orange Day. Show your school pride and wear orange and bring and an orange snack.
  • June 11: P, Pajama Day. Wear your PJs to school.
  • June 12: Q, Quiet Day. We will whisper all day.
  • June 13: R, Reading Recess Day. Bring a favorite book to read outside.
  • June 14: S, Silly Sock Day. Wear your silliest socks.
  • June 17: T, Thank You Day. Get ready to write thank you cards (Cafeteria activity.)
  • June 18: U, USA Day. Wear red, white and blue.
  • June 19: V, Visitation Day. Visit and sit with different friends today.
  • June 20: W, We Loved Our Year. Fill out a memory book. (Cafeteria activity.)
  • June 21: X, X-change Autographs. Get your classmate’s autographs. (Cafeteria activity.)
  • June 24: Y, Your Choice Today!
  • June 25: Z, Zip off to summer!