main content starts here5th graders get inside scoop during annual Career Day

| February 14, 2017

Pinewood 5th graders got an inside look at a wide range of job opportunities during the school’s annual Career Day.

Parent and community volunteers shared insight and information about their respective careers during the Feb. 3 event.

“With the growing emphasis on college and career readiness, Career Day is a great way for our students to start learning more in-depth about the variety of career opportunities they have to choose from,” said Amy Stannard, Pinewood School Counselor. “We appreciate the volunteers who took time out of their busy schedules to talk to our fifth graders.”

Students asked questions about interests and schedules, required education and how presenters chose their careers, among other topics.

The adults had plenty of helpful information to share with the students.

“When your teachers are teaching you math, pay attention, because you’re going to need it,” said Charles Bradford, a water plant operator.

When a student asked if it was true the world would one day run out of water, Mr. Bradford gave the class a quick refresher on the water cycle. “The world will never run out of water because the water cycle is continuous,” he said.

A student asked firefighter and EMT David Riggi if he enjoyed his job. “I like it so much I volunteer when I’m not working,” he said.

Military lawyer and judge advocate Chad McFarland, also a member of Mohonasen’s Board of Education, told students his work involves a lot of reading and writing.

“Before you ever step into a courtroom, there’s a lot of writing,” he said. “If you don’t like reading and writing, a career in law probably isn’t the best choice for you.”

Special thanks to the volunteer presenters:

  • Matthew Hill, Logistics Manager for Fedex Freight
  • Abigail Bernard, Recreation Therapist
  • Charles Bradford, Water Plant Operator
  • David Riggi, Firefighter/EMT
  • Leslie Smith, Bradt Principal
  • Makensie Bullinger, Mohonasen Academic Administrator for Science and Technology
  • Tim MacTurk, Sodexo District Manager
  • Chad McFarland, Military Lawyer/Judge Advocate/Mohonasen CSD Board Member
  • Kristen Fasolino , Real Estate Agent/ Miranda Real Estate Group
  • Steve Soto, Tattoo Artist
  • Stephen Signore, Lawyer
  • William McGovern, Fire Investigator/K9 Handler
  • Anthony Dilallo, State Trooper/ Investigator
  • Pamela Young, Investment Advisor/Mohonasen CSD Board Member
  • Amy Lynch, Research and Collections Technician, New York State Museum
  • Calvin Rugg, Architect for Synthesis Architects