main content starts hereMohonasen students help ConKerr Cancer a second time

| July 22, 2015

ConKerr6A dozen Draper Middle School and Mohonasen High School 9th grade students made a difference in the lives of Capital Region children battling cancer and other serious illnesses for the second year in a row.

The students volunteered their afterschool time throughout the year to sew pillowcases for ConKerr Cancer, a nationwide organization that provides pillowcases to hospitals to give to children undergoing treatment. The cheerful pillowcases represent a touch of home and comfort for these children.

“Making the pillowcases is a way for students to help others and gives them something concrete to contribute. It helps them be mindful of the needs of others,” said Maureen Geagan, project advisor and Draper French teacher.

One student explained her involvement in the project saying, “I wanted to make pillowcases to help and make people happy.” Another said, “I know that it makes the kids feel a little better because of the bright colors and fun designs.”

The more than 50 pillowcases sewn by the students will be distributed to Albany Medical and the Albany Ronald McDonald House and several other local organizations through the Albany chapter of ConKerr Cancer.

Draper 6th graders learn to sew pillowcases in Home and Careers. Their teacher, Mrs. Jennifer Fritz-Walbroehl, encourages interested students to volunteer for the project and makes the classroom and sewing machines available for the work sessions. Fabric for the project was purchased with a generous grant from the Mohonasen Foundation for Excellence. Additional fabric was donated by faculty, staff and parents.

Linda Armour, the coordinator of the Albany chapter of ConKerr Cancer, accepted the donation of the completed pillowcases from some of the volunteers at a reception at the high school on July 9.

For more information on ConKerr Cancer, visit online at

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