main content starts here3rd annual Science Fair a great success

| March 4, 2019

On Tuesday, Feb. 26, pint-sized scientists lined the high school gymnasium, showing off experiments of all kind, and impressing hundreds of visitors with research aimed at answering many of life’s burning questions, including:

  • Why do farts smell?
  • Is sugar bad for your teeth?
  • Where do butterflies come from?

In all, about 180 scientists from Pinewood and Bradt schools selected topics of interest, solved problems, tested experiments and designed vivid displays describing what they found as part of the 3rd annual Science Fair. 

The Science Fair is an experiential, non-competitive event designed to inspire curiosity and interest in the scientific method and experimentation. All students who submitted a project or experiment were recognized for their effort and participation.

Special thanks to the K-5 Science Committee members, Draper Middle School Science Club and Mohonasen High School Science Honors Society members for helping make this a successful event.

If you could not make it to this year’s Science Fair, take a peek at some of our science researchers:

Thank you to Mrs. Sherman for sharing this video and photos!

Two young students smile before a box of flowers and plants. Look at the gym, with many tables arranged and people walking around. Student in lab coat stands before presentation Adult and child stand near presentation. Student smiles in front of volcano model. Student smiles at table wearing a shirt that says SCIENCE IS MAGICAL