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From state budget cuts to pension reform and mandate relief, learn about the many factors affecting the Mohonasen budget by reading the following news stories. Have an interesting budget news article? Send it to us.

Formula for Success? Strapped School Districts Divides GOP Lawmakers

New York’s Education Deficit

LeBrun: Tax cap denies a 'sound, basic' education system

Mohonasen starts tackling budget

Schools raise uproar for help

A Deeper Look: Cuomo’s Education Reforms

Cuomo budget cuts aid to some local school districts

Editorial: Mr. Cuomo's budget overture

Cuomo Builds Proposed Budget With Cuts, Gambling and Fees

High cost of closing a gap

Study: Poor schools still lack basic resources

Education budgets face 'cliff' risk

School districts hit by avalanche of mandates

Schools still groaning under burden of pension costs

Big tab, mixed results

Why the Ticking Time Bomb of 'Sequestration' Could Decimate Education

Albany’s Unkindest Cut of All

Throw grenade, walk away

New York School Budgets Are Approved at High Rate

Cuomo feels ‘very good’ about school budget votes

Under tax cap, 'yes' prevails

Editorial: Some lessons in austerity

3 districts challenge tax cap

A tax cap head-scratcher

Mohonasen to cut jobs, raise taxes

State 'bullet aid' gives boost to schools

Schenectady County school districts eye consolidated-services grant

Schools: Aid falls short

Legislature to shift school aid

Mohonasen faces another round of tough cuts

Cuomo issues pension warning

Legislators want school aid shift

Mohonasen might cut 27 positions

'Cap' doesn't fit

Assembly saying 'no' to Tier VI

Tier VI turns to compromise

Room to give on the tier?

Caucus resists education change

The taxman cometh

Pay up or lose STAR rebate

Mohonasen contemplates budget cuts

Mohonasen eyes shared services to plug budget gap 

A new head of the class

DiNapoli defends pension system

Details of Cuomo's budget proposal

Gov. Cuomo’s Sound Budget

In Cuomo’s Budget, Nip-and-Tuck Cuts and Big Policy Aims

Analysis: Cuomo picks fight with schools, gets one

Cuomo Vows New Push to Improve Education

Kids win governor as school lobbyist

Poor would benefit from aid change

Mohonasen faces staff cuts next year as spending is restricted by tax cap

Albany Tax Deal to Raise Rate for Highest Earners

Keeping more of your own money

EDITORIAL: State must fund schools fairly

Will Cuomo jolt tax code?

Districts Pay Less in Poor Schools, Report Says

As school budget battles begin, let's fight for solutions

Cuomo: Panel flop to cost us

School Inequities: Cuts harm poor districts the most; can Cuomo fix it?

Averaging the stats on funding produces a misleading picture

Wealth matters in school cuts

Cuomo Sees Budget Gaps This Year and Next

Consolidation becoming 'big' idea

Tax cap opponents shift tactics

Tax cap pressures work rules in contracts

Upset at Cuomo’s Property-Tax Cap, Communities Move to Get Around It

Tax cap not so simple for school districts

Uncapping a taxing formula

Senate to vote on bill that could save teacher positions

7,000 teachers laid off in cuts

Tax cap called 'mean-spirited'

Pension costs soar as tax cap offers no relief

Tax cap effects will be broad

A Growing Gloom for States and Cities

Public education shows the strain

Property tax cap passage signals new era for upstate

Cuomo wants to cut state pensions for new hires

Reject the Tax Cap

Cuomo says tax cap a game changer for New York

Have an interesting budget news article? Send it to us.


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