Mohonasen Central School District

Mohonasen High School

Physical Education

2014-2015 Rules and Guidelines

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1.       Participation is the most important aspect of Physical Education at Mohonasen High School.  In order to participate in class students must be suitably dressed.  Acceptable attire for class includes socks and sneakers that lace up and tie, a t-shirt or sweatshirt, and shorts or sweatpants.  Sweatpants are not to be pulled over street pants (jeans).  No boots

2.       It is important not only for safety but for your own personal hygiene that you have a proper change of clothes for class.  Clothing worn during school should not be worn during class.  Students may not wear practice or team uniforms during class. Be prepared to go outside if the weather is 50 degrees or warmer.

3.       In class you are expected to give your best effort during warm-ups, drills, game situations, and in all areas of physical education class.

4.       Any athlete on a school team that does not change and participate in Physical Education at an acceptable level of effort, or that is removed from class for behavior is ineligible for practice or a game that day as stated in the athletic code of conduct.

5.       Students are expected to be in the designated locker-room before the tardy bell rings (second bell).  Students have 5 minutes to change their clothes before and after class.

6.       At the end of class students are required to stay inside the gym until the passing bell has rung or until they are dismissed by a PE teacher.   Failing to do so will result in a loss of credit for that day.   Exceptions:  Water and sports drinks may be obtained by going through the door by the boys PE offices.

7.       IPods are not permitted in the gymnasium during PE class.  During some units (weight room, fitness walking) and when designated by the PE teacher students will be allowed to use them.

8.       Cell phone use will not be tolerated in the gym during class time.  Cell phones may be used in the locker rooms but must be locked up and left in your lockers. 


1.       Each student will be issued a lock and locker by the school district.  Students will pay $5.00 for a deposit fee and will be refunded when they graduate or leave the school district providing that the lock is turned in.  Lockers are not to be shared with other students.  Locker combinations will be given to locker owners only.  If you lose your lock, you will not get your deposit back and will have to purchase a new one. 

2.       Money or other valuable should be left in the locker room and locked in your locker.  The school district is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.

3.       Large lockers are to be used during PE class only to lock up valuables (purses, bags, sports equipment).  You must remove your lock from a big locker (and place it back on your small locker) at the end of your PE class so other classes may use them.  Failure to do so will result in a warning.  If there is a second offense, your lock will be removed and you will need to purchase a new one.

Medical Excuses

Students with medical excuses need to bring them to the nurse and to the physical education teacher’s office before entering the gym.  If you are no longer out of PE on a medical excuse you must provide a release form to participate in P.E. when you are cleared to participate by your doctor.   Failing to do so will result in a “0”.  All medical make-up work must be completed and handed in to the librarian or PE teacher by the date listed on the medical excuse.

         Daily medicals (1-9 classes) can be made up with current events articles (1 per day).   Each completed article worksheet is worth 5 points.

         Student on long-term medicals (10 or more classes) will complete a book report.  Each book report is worth 50 points.  All instructions for medical make-up work is located on the PE website.




                All students will be graded using a rubric in physical education class.  Each day is worth 5 points.  Students are graded on participation/dress, effort, punctuality, and attitude.  If all of these expectations are met for that day, 5 points will be awarded.  It is possible to receive anywhere from 0-5 points per day.  Students must dress appropriately for PE and participate actively and to the best of their ability for the entire class in order to receive full credit.

5 Point Daily Rubric:  The student:


  • Displays outstanding participation, is highly active, self-motivated, adequately prepared, and punctual
  • Displays excellent levels of effort

  • Models positive behavior and attitude

  • Demonstrates great sportsmanship
  • Demonstrates personal and social responsibility


  • Actively participates in class activity-needs no encouragement, and is adequately prepared

  • Displays satisfactory levels of effort
  • Displays appropriate behavior and attitude

  • Demonstrates sportsmanship
  • Is late for class without a pass (unexcused)


  •   Participates in class with some encouragement

  •  Stays involved and makes some effort in participation
  • Occasionally does not demonstrate appropriate behavior or attitude

  • Actively participates with sneakers but without a change of clothes



  • Engages in activity for only a short period of time and/or needs frequent encouragement to engage in activity

  • Portrays poor behavior and/or attitude

  • Interferes with other student’s opportunity to learn, or the teacher’s ability to teach



  • Does not actively participate despite encouragement

  • Constantly disrupts class requiring disciplinary action
  • Exhibits difficulty staying on task; teacher consistently gives direction/motivation

  • Has acted in an irresponsible and/or disrespectful manner



  • Absent from class (excused or unexcused)

  • Does not participate in class

Absences:  Students who are absent from school will lose 5 points for that day.  Students who are absent from PE class for both excused (attending a school field trip, scheduled music lessons, scheduled guidance or other counselor meeting, state and local exams) and unexcused (class cut) reasons  will also lose credit (5 points) for that day.

 “0’s”:  If a student does not change or participate in class, they will lose 5 points for that day. 

Make-ups:  Students will be allowed to make-up and receive full credit for all excused absences and “0’s.”  Students must sign in with their designated PE teacher when making up a class in order to receive full credit.  Class cuts are cannot be made up for class credit.  CURRENT EVENT ARTICLES may no longer be used to make-up absences.  PE make-ups may be done in three ways:

  1.  Intramurals:  Attending intramurals Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday when offered during 10th  period.  The schedule is posted every Monday and will change weekly.
  2. Weight Room:  Students may sign out from studyhall to the weight room during the designated periods that the weight room is open. 
  3.  PE Class with your teacher:  Students must get an ORANGE pre-signed pass from their actual PE teacher to attend class with their teacher during lunch or studyhall for make-up credit.



Please tear off this page, sign it, and return it to your PE teacher by the date at the bottom of the page.




DUE TO THE NATURE OF THE ACTIVITIES PHYSICAL EDUCATION HAS SOME INHERENT PHYSICAL RISKS. Minor and even potentially serious injury can occur from participation in this or any physical activity. These risks are greatly reduced if you use common sense, are always safety conscious, and always follow the rules of the activities.



I understand the rules and the numerical grading policy that have been listed and reviewed on these pages. I also understand that breaking any rule on either side of this document can result in disciplinary action, and or loss of credit for class.



Please sign below after you have read all of the above rules and guidelines. 






Parent /Guardian Name:_______________________________Parent/Guardian Signature_____________________________________



Student Name:________________________________________Student Signature_____________________________________________




***PLEASE HAND IN TO YOUR PHYSICAL EDUCATION TEACHER ON Friday, Sept. 12TH or Monday, Sept. 15th (depending on which day you have class).

If you hand in this signed rules sheet by the date listed and you we receive 2 bonus points toward your grade.

If you hand this signed sheet in late, you will not get 2 bonus points.

If you do not hand in this sheet and you will lose 2 points on your average.